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Randy Cozens - This thing of ours

UK based soul music enthusiast and writer. His passion for the music first began during his mod days in the 1960s. With Adrian Croasdell he co-founded 6T's Rhythm & Soul Society in London in 1979. He also contributed articles to various publications including Sounds.

Randy Cozens was a well known figure in mod circles in the 1960's and beyond, famous for his passion for soul music, and for providing much of the impetus for the Northern Soul scene in the UK.

He co-founded 6T's Rhythm & Soul with Ady on August 17, 1979 and in 1981 the club moved to the legendary 100 Club in Oxford Street, which continues to this day. He also carried out extensive correspondence with musical publications, especially Sounds who asked him to compile a top 100 soul chart. This chart was published in August 1979.

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