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6ts 43rd anniversary record

Found 'em! Hiding in plain sight Nestled under Keb's desk, next to mine at Ace Towers.

I thought I had driven them to my gaff a couple of months ago and they were the boxes in my boudoir. At 8pm on Saturday night, I found out those boxes were full of old work files and shat my pants.

Understandably, I've already had a lot of messages and emails concerning people getting their record. With having so many to handle now everyone will have to be patient, particularly as I have both kids this week and Kent deadlines to meet. It'll probably be the end of the week before they go out or possibly even early next week.

It's gonna be expensive and time-consuming so if any kind people know they are coming to the Oct 14th memorial dance or the Nov 5th nighter and would be kind enough to wait until then, We'll hand those out at the dances. Or if there are more than one person involved, who don't mind having the records sent to one address, that would save time and money too.

We have the addresses from the nighter so just say if you can collect (and what names they were bought under) or if one address which names the tickets were bought under and how many.

Email is best or FB or WhatsApp message if you're on them - I'm on as Ady Croasdell.

Thanks for understanding (that I'm an idiot) and hopefully see you at a 6TS event darn soon.

Ady & Matt - 6TS

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