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Excerpts from Blackbeat (Soul Music) Magazine

Vintage reviews from Blackbeat magazine

"Shitter of the year must go to the manager of the Railway, Hampstead, for his Coup D'Etat (take over) from Ady and Randy, not only did he lie to them, he also waited 'til everyone knew when the next disco was before taking over, obviously thinking that everyone would still come along.

Did anyone go on the 3rd Jan? Anyway, the reason the manager took it over was greed - with him running it he could get his hands on that door money (as well as the profits from the booze), so it was a case of spoiling the ship for a ha'penny o tar... 6Ts won't be returning there under the present management but with regular all niters planned for the club (at Studio 21 Oxford Street, once the Last Chance Saloon) things can only get better." Steve Guarnori, Issue 7, Jan 15th 1981

Venue Reports - STUDIO 21 (30.01.81)

"What an event. The club itself was a basement and comprised an entrance room, bar room and disco room. Taffy was first off DJing, followed by Mick Smith, Randy and Ady. All were playing excellent music, proven by teh fact the dance floor was never less than half full all night. A rare sight! A lot of faces were missing as many were at Swanage. Attendance I would say was 170 and the atmosphere was fantastic. The music was a mix of Detriot, general sixties, some original 'Last Chance' oldies, a 'lil rhythm and soul, some 'Northern' sounds and a few slowies, culminating of course with Maxine Brown's "Oh no, not my baby", seventeen years after it was first played here. I heard a couple of complaints about being searched on the door - sorry society demands it with IRA nuts about. I'm sure you'd rather be searched than find yourself in intensive care with half of your mates dead, eh? All in a great nite - excellent music, a friendly crowd - we even saw Mick Smith's 'Saphires' HMV demo! So this is what they mean by an underground soul scene. Roll on the next one - miss it at your peril." Issue 8, Mar 15th 1981

Venue Reports - 100 Club Oxford Street (20.02.81)

"This was a somewhat larger venue than most 6Ts dos as we moved to that haven of Jazz, The 100 Club. Firstly bar prices were very reasonable for the West End, and there was chinese food available for the folk who were hungry. Tony Rounce kicked off the DJing playing numbers such as The Mayfield Singers 'If', and some other very good early R&S sounds. He was followed by Tony Ellis and by now the place was really filling up and coming to life. A mix of 6Ts classics 'She blew a good thing', 'Money won't chnage you', 'I dig your act' and 'Love makes a woman' kept the larger than usual dancefloor packed. Clarky who had previously been selling records took over at 10, entertaining us with 'Bring it on home to me' - looks nice in green! and 'the 81' C and Ks as well as some tasty Motown hoppers. By now the atmosphere was electric, with everyone enjoying themselves, which is the way it stayed until we had to quit. Honestly one of the best ever 6Ts dos; excellent facilities, superb music and great crowd. Three years ago dancing to these records with 300 others in Central London would have been unimagineable - now it's a regular happening." Issue 8, Mar 15th 1981

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