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Lift every voice and sing

We would rather not need to be doing this, but we feel it is a prescient time for the 6T’S to convey their support of the current #BlackLivesMatter movement and our take on racism as the abhorrence it is.

Marvin Gaye, Aug. 28, 1973. Michael Ochs Archives

Like many of you, we have both been shaken by the events of the past week. Over our lifetime, black lives have consumed who we are as people and conversely, we have consumed the hard work and efforts of those same black lives.

We know you mirror our immense gratitude for the endeavours and talents of the black people who have moulded our lives and friendships.

We are acutely aware that black music is a biproduct of an existence that has, more often than not, been fraught with danger, death, pain and suffering - it is as wrong now as it ever was.

Racism and the appreciation of soul music do not travel hand in hand. It is impossible to enjoy the distinct lyrics of Curtis, Marvin, Aretha and so many others, without understanding the messages they convey - including the pain of those killed, used, abused and maimed simply for the colour of their skin.

Despite repeated protests, this discrimination has not abated as it ought. It is incumbent on us all to teach and inform both ourselves, and those around us, to create the respect black people have always deserved and rarely received.

Respect towards people of colour is the keystone of what we represent as an organisation, without it the events we run are meaningless. There is no room for racism, or any other discrimination, at our events.

The pain and oppression of black people is etched indelibly in the music we have chosen to lift up and promote. To see that struggle so vividly and yet still choose to oppress and deride, renders us deaf to that message.

If anyone feels that people are lesser because of the colour of their skin it is highly regrettable, but it is never too late to reassess.

For over 41 years 6Ts has held in deep regard black voices, both in joy and in anguish. We ask you to listen to those same voices; not just hear. We must all strive to improve.

Ady & Matt for the 6T’S Rhythm ‘N’ Soul Society

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