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A night in review

By Rich Buckley

I'd had a friend's (non-soulie) 40th birthday night, so turned up fashionably late at 3am, but boy was I glad I did. I hadn't been there long when Butch got on - awesome as always. Great to see so many old faces/friends - Billy, Simsy, Matt Bolton, Kev Collins and lots and lots more.

I know I'm probably biased because I'm 42 and we (me and Gareth Thomas - Mossy - and a few other mod mates) started going to the 100 Club nighters when we were 17/ 18, but to me it is still THE coolest nighter/venue (all that history and not just soul! ) with the best rare soul as it was when we were in those informative years. In them days you couldn't hear the sounds anywhere else so you had to travel - no MP3s then (thank goodness). Stuff like Ben E King "Getting To Me" and my personal fave Gerri Granger - Why Can't It Be Tonight - me and Mossy used to launch ourselves at the dancefloor like exocet missiles - so exciting!

However many years I missed or some years when I only manage to get to 1 or 2, it's still just in my blood; a part of my being if you like. It's like one of your best pals and no matter how much time you spend apart when you hook up again it's like you've never been away and it all clicks instantly. I guess it's our Wigan in a very different way. And as has been said on this thread, the music is still cutting edge. Love it! So thank you Ady, ignore the doom-mongers and keep up the bloody excellent work! We do appreciate it.

Rich Buckley 2013

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