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6T's: The Music

In the beginning there was Ace Records and then there was Kent, a natural progression into 60s Soul anthologising.

Initially Kent was driven by the Northern Soul dance floor, though never exclusively so. It has matured and developed since its humble beginnings in 1982 and, guided by the hand of Harboro' Horace, it not only documents the soul music of the time but opens up new views in the compilations of guest compilers like Dave Godin, the Godfather of Soul music in the U.K. and the myriad of behind the scenes experts, addicts and proselytisers that have always made Soul music a mission from God on this little island off the coast of the USA!

There are two distinctly different series of singles issued by Kent. The first series are specifically Kent label singles, whereas the 100 Club Anniversary singles are actually issued on a separate series. Both are listed on Dave Rimmer's site at

6Ts Rhythm & Soul Society: In The Beginning

For once it's the club and the people in it that take the spotlight in the sleeve notes.

The 100 Club Anniversary Singles. 6T's 1979-2009

Perhaps I'm guilty of a little self-delusion here, but I believe this series of 25 singles is up there with the best original US 60s soul series on any UK label and the standard on this CD demonstrates just that.

The Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender 1993-2012 20 Soulful Celebrations

When writing musical history there are a heck of a lot of facts to research and you can spend an hour getting a troublesome sentence verified.

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